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l have aways had a healthy interest in the world of the paranormal, supernatural and the unexplained.

My mother said to me! 'Don't be afraid of the dead..its the living you should be frighten of ! l think she's right. l do believe in the spirit world. l personally have not seen a ghost/spirit/apparitions/ malevolent spirits but l have definitely felt presences of them more in my adult life. l have captured a few orbs on camera unexpectedly! lm definitely no professional paranormal investigator, ghost hunter or psychic medium.

l have Multiple Sclerosis (MS) but it doesn't have me!l lead a very social and active life. Before COVID-19 dear l say! l have no children or pets...l live in East Sussex, Brighton. l have a partner..lm still waiting for him to put a ring on it...later 13 years Lol 😆

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