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The living has long believed that it's possible to communicate with the dead. Attempts to do so have been made over the centuries through mystics, oracles, séances, mediums, and psychics. Today, with a variety of electronic recording equipment at our disposal, there is an easier, more effective way to converse with the spirit world through methods of Instrumental Trans-Communication. Electronic Voice Phenomena or EVP is the gathering and recording of disembodied voices often unheard at the time of the recording. 

Over the years, I have recorded thousands of responses which I have graded A-C. Some of the most compelling paranormal evidence I have experienced over the last 20 years has come in the form of grade A EVP responses. These audio recordings often provide clarity, direction and validation during a paranormal investigation. 

Below is a selection of the best and most compelling EVP's and ITC responses I have recorded over the last few years. Listening with headphones is advisable. 

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