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Professional Paranormal Investigator & TV Presenter

Barri Ghai is a professional paranormal investigator and TV presenter with over 20 years experience in the field. He first became interested in the existence of ghosts from a very early age after personally experiencing supernatural activity.

Barri founded the Ghostfinder Paranormal Society in early 2006 with the intention of helping more people understand and find answers to the paranormal, by attempting to gather tangible evidence.


Although many of his personal childhood experiences were horrific and can only be described as demonic attacks, he still developed a keen interest for ghosts and the world of the paranormal. As a teenager, Barri began his own research looking into famous hauntings and documented cases. He eventually started carrying out his own investigations of local cemeteries and famous landmarks to try and document his experiences and gather evidence. During the course of his childhood, Barri reports to have seen at least four separate entities, and encountered something evil that has continued to make its occasional presence known to him and his family almost thirty years on.


During his final year at University, Barri saw a young female apparition in his bedroom, which he believes helped focus his interest further and ultimately led to plans to create The Ghostfinder Paranormal Society (GPS).


Since establishing GPS, he has experienced many things which he believes defy logic and scientific reasoning. His personal belief in ghosts, and other supernatural phenomena has fuelled his commitment to one day proving, through the use of science and technology, that the human consciousness continues to live on after death and ghosts do exist.


Barri regularly features on television, radio, newspapers and in magazines worldwide. He has appeared in many successful TV shows some of which include; Unexplained Caught on Camera, Celebrity Haunted Mansion Live, Celebrity Haunted Hotel Live, My Ghost Story, Ghost Adventures, and Paranormal Investigation: Live.


Barri is best known for co-presenting the successful 'Help My House is Haunted' paranormal TV series with Jayne Harris and Ian Lawman. He has appeared in all 3 seasons and also the forthcoming Celebrity Help! My House Is Haunted special series which will be available from 21st January 2022. All episodes of Help! My House is Haunted are available to stream now on Discovery Plus. Help! My House Is Haunted has been distributed to the USA, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark and France. The British made paranormal show was originally created by Zak Bagans and is produced by Brighton based Back2Back productions with Executive Producers David Notman-Watt and Michael Yudin of New York based MY Entertainment. Barri is considered one of the UK's leading paranormal experts and works with some of the best investigators and psychic mediums in the field.

Barri has been called the 'EVP King' for his unique ability to capture incredible EVP's. He is an ITC (Instrumental Tran-Communication) practitioner and has been interested in Electronic Voice Phenomena for many years. Barri has recorded some the best and most compelling evidence of spirit voices on the series Help! My House is Haunted. He also has a unique ability to hear DVP's (Direct Voice Phenomena) during sessions.

Barri Ghai currently lives in West London, England and is married to Lucy who is clairvoyant and also a witch! Together they have 7 beautiful daughters ranging from 19 to 4 years of age plus Arlo the cat and two frug dogs called Mavis & Marvel.

Barri Ghai is not currently represented by an agency. For all media related enquiries, please send an email to media@barrighai.com 

Upcoming Ghosthunting Events

  • Victorian Brickworks Museum
    Membership Offer
    Sat, 05 Feb
    Bursledon, Hampshire
    05 Feb, 20:00 – 06 Feb, 02:00
    Bursledon, Hampshire, Coal Park Ln, Swanwick, Southampton SO31 7GW, UK
    Join TV's Barri Ghai for a professional paranormal investigation at this Victorian Brickworks in Bursledon, Hampshire. This location is steeped in history and with dangerous and sometimes lethal working conditions, it is no surprise that reports of paranormal activity have been reported for years.
  • Kelvedon Secret Nuclear Bunker Ghost Hunt
    Membership Offer
    Fri, 04 Mar
    Brentwood, Essex
    04 Mar, 21:00 GMT – 05 Mar, 02:30 GMT
    Brentwood, Essex, Kelvedon Hatch, Brentwood CM15 0LA, UK
    Join me at the Kelvedon Nuclear Bunker for a night of professional paranormal investigation. The secret bunker is hotbed of paranormal activity and considered by many to be one of the most haunted locations in England. Spend the night with me investigating the many reported ghosts that reside here.
  • Haunted Antiques Paranormal Research Centre Ghost Hunt
    Membership Offer
    Fri, 13 May
    Hinkley, Leicestershire
    13 May, 21:00 BST – 14 May, 02:00 BST
    Hinkley, Leicestershire , 9-11 Regent St, Hinckley LE10 0AZ, UK
    Join TV's Barri Ghai for a paranormal investigation at the famous (HAPRC) Haunted Antiques Paranormal Research Centre in Hinkley, Leicestershire on Friday 13th May!
  • 30 East Drive Paranormal Sleepover Event
    Membership Offer
    Thu, 26 May
    26 May, 20:00 BST – 27 May, 08:00 BST
    Pontefract, 30 East Dr, Pontefract WF8 2AN, UK
    Join me at the one of England's most notorious and frightening haunted houses for a night of paranormal investigation with the added opportunity to sleep over! Spend the entire night at the Black Monk House in Pontefract, the house that inspired the movie When the Lights Went Out.
  • Ancient Ram Inn Overnight Ghost Hunt
    Membership Offer
    Sat, 25 Jun
    25 Jun, 21:00 – 26 Jun, 07:30
    Gloucestershire, 8 Potters Pond, Wotton-under-Edge GL12 7HF, UK
    Join Barri Ghai from TV's Help! My House is Haunted and The Ghostfinder Paranormal Society at the infamous Ancient Ram Inn in Gloucestershire. Spend the entire night investigating one of the world's most haunted locations using the latest in paranormal investigation equipment.
  • The Old White Horse Ghost Hunt
    Sat, 09 Jul
    Hockliffe, Bedfordshire
    09 Jul, 20:00 BST – 10 Jul, 13:00 BST
    Hockliffe, Bedfordshire, Watling Street, Hockliffe, Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire LU7 9LP
    Join TV's Barri Ghai for a paranormal investigation at this haunted former seventeenth century coaching inn and hotel located in the Bedfordshire village of Hockliffe.
  • HellFire Caves Ghost Hunt - Coming Soon
    Membership Offer
    Date & Time is TBC
    West Wycombe
    Date & Time is TBC
    West Wycombe, Church Ln, West Wycombe, High Wycombe HP14 3AH, UK
    Join Barri Ghai for another ghost hunting event at the notorious HellFire Caves.