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Available Now On Discovery Plus

Season 3 of Help! My house is Haunted features Barri Ghai, Jayne Harris and psychic medium Ian Lawman. The series sees the team investigate 12 more paranormal cases, helping people reclaim their homes from unwanted spirits. 

Psychic medium Chris Fleming was unfortunately unable to join Barri and Jayne for series 3 due to the Coronavirus pandemic and flight restrictions. Ian Lawman has since replaced Chris as the psychic medium on the show. Ian is a dark arts specialist and an ordained minister who is able to preform right of exorcism. 

The team, travel far and wide investigating homes and haunted locations in areas across the UK including; Hartlepool, Wales, Norfolk, Gainsborough, Burton-upon Trent and Portsmouth. The trio encounter some very dark cases and experience incredible paranormal activity. The evidence this series is even more compelling with photographic, audio and video evidence that will blow you away. 

All 3 seasons are currently available on Discovery Plus


The team are currently filming Season 4!

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