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Available now on Discovery Plus

Get ready for a brand new mini series of Help! My house is Haunted available now on Discovery Plus. This is a celebrity special series where Barri Ghai, Jayne Harris and Ian Lawman investigate 6 more paranormal cases, helping some well known celebrities find answers, provide validation and help them reclaim their homes from unwanted spirits. 

The team gathered some compelling evidence and experienced some intense paranormal activity. The evidence on this series is extraordinary, emotional, revealing and very frightening. Barri also experienced something so terrifying that he was left in tears! 

All 4 seasons of Help! My House Is Haunted are currently available on Discovery Plus 

All 6 episodes of Celebrity Help! My House is Haunted Season 1 are also available now on Discovery Plus 

Episode list for Celebrity Help! My House Is Haunted Season 1:

Ep 1. Alex Best - 21/01/22

Ep 2. Charlotte Crosby - 28/01/22

Ep 3. Frankie Essex - 04/02/22

Ep 4. Arron Crascall - 11/02/22

Ep 5. Toyah Wilcox - 18/02/22

Ep 6. Martin Roberts - 25/02/22

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